Tyrel Chambers

Hi, my name is, Tyrel Chambers

A little about me

I'm a Web Developer from Peterborough, Ontario and making websites are a passion of mine.

I've been programming on the side since around 2013. It started when my dad asked me to help him build a website for someone in our church. Since then I fell in love with programming; I had plans to go to university for Computer Hardware Engineering, but scrapped those plans when I made my first webpage.

Aside from programming, I enjoy making Youtube videos for my narration channel Stories After Midnight. I also enjoy playing video games with my friends and strumming on my guitar. I'm a big fan of the outdoors.

I love taking photos!

You've already seen one of my pictures on the main page of my site. I took it in Thunday Bay while hiking the Ouimet Canyon. If you find yourself in Thunder Bay, I'd highly recommend visiting that canyon.

I'd also highly recommend hiking the Sleeping Giant! It has the tallest cliffs in Ontario.