Tyrel Chambers

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A Curated List of Helpful Resources

Here you will find a list of my own personal bookmarks, books I love and think you should get, and anything else I believe you will enjoy. I will try to keep this update to date with any new resources I find! I hope this helps you out!

Have something you think belongs on this list? Send me an email with a link and the name of the tool or book/article to tychambers3@gmail.com.



  • Codecademy

    Use interactive tutorials to build your skills

  • FreeCodeCamp

    In depth tutorials from a wide range of languages

  • Code Fights

    Practice your skills with others

  • Code Wars

    Use challenges to hone your skills

  • Go Lang

    A good resource for learning Go Lang

  • Css-Tricks

    Learn about common Html and CSS tricks (very useful)

  • Udemy

    My favourite tool for getting high quality video courses on a variety of topics

  • Lynda

    Another great tool for video courses

Code Resources

  • Codrops

    Complex examples of cool code design and behaviour

  • Bulma

    Light weight CSS framework

  • Font Awesome

    Fantastic resource for finding icons

  • Google Fonts

    Resource for fonts

  • CSS Matic

    Handy little resource for gradients and shadows

  • Coggle

    Mind mapping tool to help organize your projects

  • Codepen

    Sandbox playground for testing and writing quick code

Source Control

  • Github

    Powerful tool for storing your code

  • Gitlab

    A great tool for version control, with private repo's

Cheat Sheets

  • Emmet

    Cheat sheet for a powerful coding tool

  • PostgreSQL

    Cheat sheet for PostgreSQL

Colour Pickers




  • Slack

    Incredibly useful tool for team communication

Design Software

Project Management

  • Jira

    Fully rounded project management software

  • Trello

    Simple Kanban software for easy project management